High Performance Cross-chain Trading is Here

Opening up gated access to lightning-fast, native cross-chain trading

It turns out, building a cross-chain exchange free from the bottlenecks of liquidity pools takes a whole lot more than time — it takes elbow grease and a whole lot of patience for every unforeseen speed bump that comes at you along the way.

But after months of stress-testing, tweaking, and ironing out the kinks, today marks the gated launch of DLN, a native cross-chain exchange that finally brings high performance trading to DeFi and transforms the experience of moving value between blockchain ecosystems.

Evolving from Swapping to Trading

DLN has been engineered to deliver lightning-fast and low-cost native trades across chains for any assets, enabling you to trade with levels of speed, capital-efficiency, and control not seen before in the cross-chain space.

By removing the limitations and risks imposed by liquidity pools, DLN can offer the level of performance needed for professional traders to exchange value across chains natively with razor-thin spreads, guaranteed rates, and unprecedented speed.

If you’re a DeFi nerd and enjoy geeking out over nitty-gritty details, DLN is an off-chain order book exchange powered by deBridge cross-chain interoperability infrastructure, connecting makers (users and projects) and takers (on-chain liquidity owners) across chains.

This design offers advantages you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Higher security: DLN has no continuously locked liquidity, making it much safer for projects and users as there’s no honeypot for hackers to attack and exploit.
  • Lower cost: Users can trade across chains for as low as 8bps, as there are zero fees paid to AMMs or capital lost to MEV and slippage.
  • Deeper liquidity: DLN can efficiently draw liquidity from the entire blockchain market, instead of being limited by the amount of liquidity locked in a pool on the destination chain (as the case for classical bridges).
  • Increased control: Users can set limit orders and always receive the rates they see on the DLN interface, compared to other platforms where users never know the exact amount they will receive from the liquidity pool on the destination chain, with their only recourse being to modify the “slippage tolerance” parameter.
  • No reverted transactions: Users will never experience a reverted transaction on DLN. This only happens with classical bridges if other transfers are processed before your transaction achieves finality, resulting in slippage exceeding the specified tolerance parameter.
  • Faster trades: The unique design of DLN means that transactions are settled in seconds or minutes, avoiding the scenario where users must wait for dozens of minutes due to required block confirmations (e.g. 256 blocks or 13 min for transfers from Polygon) before their transfer is settled on the destination chain.

Who can use DLN today, and how?

The goal of this gated launch is to slowly open up access before the full public launch. Today, 500 addresses have been whitelisted for DLN.

These 500 addresses were randomly selected from anyone who (1) signed the Open Letter and (2) completed at least one transaction with deSwap prior to March 31, 2023.

If you’re dying to use DLN and you haven’t been selected, don’t worry! More addresses will be whitelisted very soon in different phases before it’s opened up to everyone at the full public launch.

You can check to see if you have been whitelisted at: https://dln.trade/

One of the main objectives of this gated launch is to gather feedback, so we want to hear from you! Please join our Discord server and talk about your experience in the feedback channel: https://discord.com/invite/dln

You’ll be the first to know when new whitelists are released, as long as you’re following our social channels!

Bear markets are for building and that’s exactly how DLN was born, after the collapse of centralized and decentralized solutions.

We believe non-custodial trading and DeFi will have an increasingly important role in the space moving forward, after the recent events in CeFi and among centralized parties, where DLN is poised to play a vital role to enable freedom of movement and trading.

About DLN

DLN is a high-performance non-custodial exchange that enables fast, highly capital-efficient, and secure native trading across chains with zero locked liquidity. Powered by a peer-to-peer liquidity network, DLN offers higher capital-efficiency, deeper liquidity, protection from slippage & MEV, and shorter time to finality. Learn more about DLN here: https://dln.trade/



DLN - High Performance Cross-Chain Exchange

DLN is an advanced cross-chain exchange that introduces the levels of performance and control needed by serious traders. Fast. Deep. Efficient. Liquid.