DLN Trade is live!

Introducing high performance cross-chain trading without liquidity pools

Today, DLN Trade is finally live to the public, introducing ultra capital-efficient, fast, and secure native cross-chain trading via an advanced non-custodial exchange.

DLN avoids the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, leveraging a cross-chain liquidity network that incentivizes private market makers and other on-chain liquidity owners to compete to fill users’ orders as rapidly, and efficiently, as possible. This unique design offers a number of major performance, scalability, and security breakthroughs.

For users, DLN offers unprecedented speed, capital-efficiency, and control. All trades are protected from slippage, MEV, the possibility of reversion, and guaranteed rates with fees as low as 4bps, and significantly faster time to confirm. Users can also set cross-chain limit orders and cancel at any time before fulfillment, enhancing the overall user experience.

Key features

  • Fastest time to finality on cross-chain trades
  • Extreme capital-efficiency (as low as 4bps fees)
  • Protection from slippage and MEV
  • Native assets (no wrapped asset or liquidity pool exposure)
  • Cross-chain limit orders
  • No transfer limits
  • No reverted or stuck transactions

Unlike any AMM-based solution, users will never encounter transfer limits, as the global liquidity engine can scale to fill the largest of orders. For instance, a $10,000,000 cross-chain trade can be executed for the same low rate as a $1,000 trade.

‌DLN also offers significantly stronger guarantees for reliability and security that cannot be offered by liquidity pool-based infrastructure. The ability to price any asset on one chain to any asset on another without using AMM models allows it to accommodate any systemic risks effectively in real time. For the first time, users can now trade across chains without exposure to wrapped assets or liquidity pools, even during periods of systemic risk.‌
‌The DLN Trade app is now live with support for Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. A number of additional chains will be announced in the near future — due to the lack of need for liquidity mining, DLN can scale to new chains more rapidly and effectively. ‌
‌DLN is now live and accessible here: https://app.dln.trade/

About DLN

DLN is a high-performance non-custodial exchange that enables fast, highly capital-efficient, and secure native trading across chains with zero locked liquidity. Powered by a peer-to-peer liquidity network, DLN offers higher capital-efficiency, deeper liquidity, protection from slippage & MEV, and shorter time to finality.



DLN - High Performance Cross-Chain Exchange

DLN is an advanced cross-chain exchange that introduces the levels of performance and control needed by serious traders. Fast. Deep. Efficient. Liquid.