DLN teams up with RockawayX and Fordefi to bring institutional liquidity to cross-chain

Today, DLN is thrilled to announce a joint venture with RockawayX and Fordefi Institutional MPC Wallet to bring institutional-grade liquidity to cross-chain, soon enabling multi-million dollar cross-chain transfers to be executed nearly instantly without slippage.

Our venture is intended to resolve the liquidity bottleneck in cross-chain by providing the most talented private market makers in DeFi with the ability to deploy institutional liquidity. Ultimately, this will enable end-users and protocols to execute lightning-fast cross-chain trades without limitations on trade size.

We are excited to partner with industry leaders RockawayX and DLN to help tackle cross-chain liquidity challenges. Fordefi, with its DeFi-tailored MPC wallet and web3 security engine, is uniquely positioned to provide institutions with secure access to DeFi along with flexible deployments to enable innovative solutions shaping the ecosystem.” — Josh Schwartz, CEO and Cofounder of Fordefi.

RockawayX operates a DeFi Yield investment strategy that is one of the most active liquidity providers across DeFi. By leveraging RockawayX’s liquidity through a unique MPC infrastructure setup built by Fordefi, the initiative will enable private market makers and MEV searchers to propose routings whenever a user/protocol requests a trade. RockawayX will then automatically validate every proposed transaction, before approving and signing it from the FORDEFI MPC wallet.

“We are proud to partner on this project. At RockawayX, we see the space’s liquidity challenges clearly; projects need liquidity to prove their tech’s value, but it is fragmented and difficult to attract, and, as a liquidity provider, we must balance our desire to back on-chain innovation with ensuring capital is deployed into attractive risk-return opportunities. Our cooperation with deBridge and Fordefi has the potential to meaningfully expand that opportunity set–and change the DeFi liquidity game.

The unique architecture of this cross-chain platform does not expose us to the risks bridges traditionally pose. Funds are not idly locked in a smart contract; rather, the platform design and MPC integration allows us to track the (liquidity) recipient’s balances and trades in real-time, which improves our risk equation. In offering high-yield returns and full capital transparency, this solution goes far beyond what is possible for lenders today in traditional finance.” -Adam Bilko, RockawayX Credit Fund Portfolio Manager.

This design enables institutional liquid funds to deploy capital into the cross-chain space with full self-custody, while enabling searchers to propose transactions.

While liquidity-pool bridges have historically been unable to effectively or safely utilize liquidity, DLN will soon be able to settle large-scale trades in seconds.

About DLN
DLN brings the most powerful trading experience to cross-chain, enabling users and protocols to trade assets natively across chains in seconds without liquidity pool exposure. High performance cross-chain trading means no waiting for guaranteed finality, no wrapped assets, no AMM slippage, no MEV, and no transfer limits.

About RockawayX
RockawayX is a crypto investment firm, with $350M AUM. It has invested in early-stage crypto companies and token projects since 2018. Its Credit Fund is one of the most active liquidity providers across DeFi.

About ForDefi
Fordefi’s MPC wallet platform and Web3 gateway enables institutions to seamlessly connect to dApps across a wide range of chains while keeping digital assets secure. Fordefi is the first institutional MPC wallet and security platform built for decentralized finance(DeFi). Fordefi is a financial technology company founded in 2021 by crypto custody and cybersecurity experts. For more information, visit www.fordefi.com.



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