DLN integrates Jupiter to power native cross-chain trading for any liquid assets on Solana

Integrating Jupiter API for sophisticated and lightning-fast routings

The goal of DLN is ambitious but straightforward — to enable freedom of movement across the entire blockchain ecosystem through hyper-efficient, native, cross-chain trading without liquidity pools. This is why when we expanded to Solana, we started to look for the best primitives and technologies available to compose with.

The challenge

DLN is a high performance cross-chain trading infrastructure based on 0-TVL principles. Instead of using liquidity pools, trades in DLN are settled by the market makers that provide just-in-time liquidity by fulfilling DLN limit orders on the destination chain, and sending a cross-chain message to unlock liquidity of the trade on the source chain, earning the spread of the limit order.

With this setup, DLN can enable native cross-chain trading between any assets that are already deployed or exist in the blockchain ecosystem without the need to use any wrapped or synthetic representations.

When long-tail assets are traded in a DLN limit order, market makers may not be willing to fulfill the trade as the asset is not part of their balance sheet, and they don’t have a way to effectively hedge volatility risks of the assets. DLN solves this by having users automatically pre-swap into USDC, or market makers swap from USDC into the long-tail asset.

Here, it’s imperative to have an aggregation algorithm that finds the best on-chain route for the swap.

The solution

Solana is a unique development environment to work with, and there are really only a handful of protocols that meet our performance needs. With this in mind, our search for a routing provider for Solana led us to Jupiter, a team aiming to build world-class swap experiences on Solana.

Jupiter is a powerful router that allows users to find the best way to trade from token A to token B, supporting complicated swaps with multiple steps and partial swaps (e.g. swap 40% of input on DEX A and 60% of input on DEX B).

The level of sophistication that Jupiter brings gives DLN users and integrators what we believe is the best experience in the market trading to/from Solana, enabling them to trade to/from any token on Solana in a single transaction without risk of loss in the event of any instruction issues, e.g. during order creation. For takers, the private makers that fill maker orders in DLN, Jupiter is also a game changer — enabling them to swap smoothly into the token required for fulfillment in a single transaction.

Thanks to the integration, users and DLN API integrators can leverage what we think is the best cross-chain experience in the market for Solana, giving them the ability to trade any tokens to/from Solana in a few seconds with hyper-efficiency.

You can experience this in action now at the DLN Trade app and the DLN API.

About DLN
DLN is a high performance non-custodial exchange protocol that enables fast, highly capital-efficient, and secure native trading across chains without liquidity pools. Powered by a peer-to-peer liquidity network, DLN offers higher capital-efficiency, deeper liquidity, protection from slippage & MEV, and shorter time to finality.



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