DLN Completes Audit from Halborn Security

For secure, native cross-chain trading

DLN has successfully passed an audit with the award-winning cybersecurity firm, Halborn, to maintain best-practice security measures to ensure the safety and confidence of users and partners.

DLN is redefining the experience of cross-chain liquidity movement — without the bottlenecks of liquidity pools, DLN can offer unparalleled capital-efficiency, deeper liquidity, and guaranteed rates without slippage or MEV. Our platform focuses on enhancing cross-chain liquidity movement by providing the levels of performance needed by serious traders.

For this to happen, security must be the top priority, as a crucial component for partners and users, and this is where our collaboration and long-lasting efforts with Halborn come in.

Halborn boasts an impressive track record, having worked with Tier-1 clients such as Polygon, SushiSwap, and many others. Their team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals specializes in identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying smart contracts against potential exploits.

We are committed to offering secure, battle-tested infrastructure, and will continue to publish regular audits as new upgrades and updates are made. The finalized audit can be found here.

About DLN

DLN is a high-performance non-custodial exchange that enables fast, highly capital-efficient, and secure native trading across chains with zero locked liquidity. Powered by a peer-to-peer liquidity network, DLN offers higher capital-efficiency, deeper liquidity, protection from slippage & MEV, and shorter time to finality. Learn more about DLN here: https://dln.trade/



DLN - High Performance Cross-Chain Exchange

DLN is an advanced cross-chain exchange that introduces the levels of performance and control needed by serious traders. Fast. Deep. Efficient. Liquid.