DLN and bloXroute partner to open access to high-speed cross-chain intents network

DLN has entered into a strategic partnership with bloXroute, a leading DeFi performance provider, to provide MEV searchers, institutional DeFi traders, and projects with lightning-fast intents-based cross-chain value exchange.

Thanks to the synergy between DLN high performance infrastructure and the fast transaction-propagation capabilities of bloXroute’s blockchain distribution network, users and integrating dApps will be able to use bloXroute API for the fastest cross-chain interactions available today.

For market makers and searchers, the integration opens up scalable access to DLN’s cross-chain liquidity network, offering the ability to generate yield on idle liquidity fulfilling cross-chain intents even faster. Any searchers and market makers will be able to subscribe through the bloXroute SDK.

At its core, DLN solves the challenges of traditional bridges including speed, capital efficiency, guaranteed rates, and, increasingly important to institutional DeFi traders, compliance with trades being settled by a known counterparty:

  • Speed: DLN matches the trades off-chain while settling them on-chain through a network of liquidity providers (‘takers’) who fulfill the trade on the destination chain. There is no need to wait for blockchains to reach finality for transaction execution.
  • Guaranteed Rates: Liquidity is provided on demand and settled directly with counterparties, rather than sitting idle in a pool, waiting to get exploited. DLN’s 0-TVL design enables zero slippage on any size for the native token market and limit orders.
  • Verified Counterparty Feature: With DLN, institutional trading firms can maintain full compliance by specifying their counterparty to be a known institution (feature coming).

bloXroute is developing an SDK to integrate DLN into the bloXroute Blockchain Distribution Network, giving their users more flexibility, opportunity, and firepower to win in DeFi.

As part of the first steps in this partnership, bloXroute is onboarding MEV searchers and institutional DeFi traders to their platform right now for early access, and faster cross-chain trading, while RockawayX x FORDEFI will become one of the first takers via DLN’s recent non-custodial wallet initiative.

About DLN

DLN brings the most powerful trading experience to cross-chain, enabling users and protocols to trade assets natively across chains in seconds without liquidity pool exposure. High-performance cross-chain trading means no waiting for guaranteed finality, no wrapped assets, no AMM slippage, no MEV, and no transfer limits.



DLN - High Performance Cross-Chain Exchange

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